Cooking with love!

Callie, MacGyver, Da Vinci, and Cash

Hi! I’m Kristin.

Welcome to Callie’s Cookies! I hope you will find recipes and inspiration here for feeding your dog healthy whole foods on a modified diet for kidney disease.

I have been cooking kidney diet-friendly treats for dogs since 2019.

When Callie began showing early changes in her bloodwork for kidney values I took a deep dive into the kidney disease diet. Unsatisfied by the general advice to decrease protein in her diet and my strong desire to avoid prescription diets my research went even deeper. Finding appropriate training treats at the stores was nearly impossible. I was already making treats for the dogs and had some basic recipes to start with so I worked hard at adapting them to a kidney diet. Now, I have many recipes and am continuing to create more, with tips and tricks that can be used to choose the best ingredients as well as modify other ingredients to suit a kidney diet.

I’ve always been a problem solver and knew there had to be a better way of supporting the diet of a dog with kidney failure using real foods, the best foods. This project began out of personal necessity and has grown into a passion. I like to think that our dogs live fulfilling and happy lives as truffle hunting dogs and retired agility athletes. This is something I can do to help them thrive.

While Callie was the inspiration for this project, we have since been able to effortlessly transition to a kidney friend diet with a second dog, Cash. I am optimistic that my research and recipes will continue to serve all of our dogs since kidney values commonly change with age. I hope these recipes and insights into the kidney diet will serve you and your dogs, now or in the future.